Samstag, 27. November 2010

hot hotter potter xD


Yesterday I was with my friends Honey and Taiji at the new Harry Potter movie~


this is the first movie where I have previously read the book^^
so I can compare it now haha

it's amazing how the actor of Severus Snape looks oo°
i mean....this man is over 70years and he looks like mid-thirties ....or 40
one of my favourites is Bellatrix Lestrange
this Woman is so fucking crazy...but always in love with the dark Lord haha
I love her acting like a witch-bitch xDDD
and the hairstyle is awesome ♥
the only thing that made me sad was dobbys death scene...
Photobucket's a nice film
and i'm looking forward to the second part :D

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